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Bourbon Flight

Embark on a sophisticated flavor journey with Root & Branch Bistro and Bar’s signature offering, The Bourbon Flight. This elegantly curated experience is designed for two, making it a perfect shared indulgence for bourbon aficionados and newcomers alike. The flight features three distinct bourbons, each selected to showcase the rich diversity of this celebrated American spirit.

As you partake in The Bourbon Flight, you will savor the unique characteristics of each bourbon. The selection typically includes a range of profiles from smooth and mellow, with subtle notes of vanilla and caramel, to rich and robust, characterized by deeper tones of oak and spice. This variety ensures a comprehensive tasting experience highlighting the craftsmanship and aging process behind each bourbon.

Presented with impeccable attention to detail, the bourbons are served in elegant glassware, enhancing the tasting experience. This setup allows guests to appreciate the color and clarity of the spirits and helps concentrate the aromatic compounds, making every sip a profound sensory encounter.

Root & Branch’s knowledgeable staff enriches the experience further by providing insights into the history, production methods, and distinct profiles of the bourbons featured. This educational aspect turns The Bourbon Flight into not just a tasting but a learning experience, deepening guests’ appreciation for the art of bourbon-making.

The Bourbon Flight at Root & Branch is more than just a tasting; it is an experience that invites conversation, enhances understanding, and delivers pleasure in every nuanced drop. It’s an ideal choice for a special night out, a celebration, or simply a way to unwind in style.